About Checklist Charly

Checklist Charly is a checklist builder with a great user experience!

Private or Public!

A great new way to build your checklists with the help of AI

You can share private checklists, or create public ones and let people contribute and help you with ideas!

Browse thousands of checklists and hundreds of categories to get inspired! Going camping? Know what to pack? Or perhaps you are starting a new career? What should you consider for your resume? Inviting people over for dinner? Don't forget the music! There is a checklist for everything in the Universe!


Single or Multi-level checklists! Flexible and scalable on the cloud! Use the mobile companion apps!

Build your lists over time

Build lists and then improve them over time as you learn more!


Share your lists with family and friends without make it public!

Always free

The personal accounts are always free!

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A solution for every need

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  • Free Updates

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    In case you need it, We got you covered, with our premium quality fast support service.

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